full moon. women, gather!

dear women of my life, 

i started writing this letter just for the ladies close by in new england that i've seen recently, then realized i wanted to share with my greater community of women as well! 

just got back from a full moon gathering at the "foundation of light," a beautiful community that i just discovered thru a series of perfect "coincidences" (there are no coincidences)... and they're only 4 miles from my home 

before coming to ithaca, i was hoping to find a women's circle, and prepared to create one if i couldn't find one. i asked around all over the place, and couldn't find anything. this morning, i finally emailed this new interesting organization... and was surprised and delighted to find out (i am so blessed) that there was a women's circle here in ithaca... occurring this evening! perfect

ask for what you want
send it out into the Universe
let it go
and it will come 

we give thanks for unknown blessings already on the way... 

tonight, beautiful women 
clear skies 
big full moon 
sacred ceremony 
gorgeous voices lifted up in counterbalanced tones and songs
wild laughter
bare feet 
toe to toe
arm in arm 
new friends
sacred circle 
sacred women 


and now, for moon water!
lucy taught me moon water a long time ago... :) (love you lucy mama) 
i was reminded of my moon water ritual by a student i used to live with, who said to me, "jaz jaz jaz! you remember when you used to live at our house, and one full moon night, you woke us up at midnight to sing and dance and drum around the jar of moon water you were infusing behind the house?" i could only laugh, encourage the student to keep the tradition going, and give heartfelt gratitude for all the beautiful women in my life, gratitude for that big round moon that we cycle our blood and days around, and gratitude for all the magic that women have passed down, generation after generation, down to my generation... to pass down yet again! 

much love to you all, on this big belly sacred full round circle women moon spring blessing
big hugs
and a howl