October 15 wrist surgery

SUMMARY= I am getting wrist surgery to take metal out of my right
wrist on October 15... please pray for a smooth surgery and my speedy
wholistic healing! Thanks. Read on if you wish. : )

我在十月十五號動手術, 把鐵片拿出我的右手腕。 請為我禱告! 感恩。


Namaste, beautiful dear friend!

Happy full moon, happy autumn, happy Chinese Moon Festival! May the
fullness of the moon tonight reflect the fullness of your life. May
you be healthy and happy in all ways and full enough to... empty your
overflowing bowl. Sit as an empty bowl in trust and prayer that you
will be filled up again, even more lusciously than before.

I am ready to empty my bowl.

Metal in my wrist--- time to take it out, let it go, break myself down
again, nourish and build myself back up even stronger. I learn, we
learn... what?


On October 15, my right wrist is getting cut open again, metal plate
and screws removed from my radius bone with loving fingers and precise
tools: goodbye metal--- hello pure bone, sweet flesh, whole being.
Hello, surrender. Hello, empty bowl. Hello, new life.

The healing process afterwards: dull-looking cocoons contain
hibernating caterpillars dying and rebirthing to one day become
butterflies--- nothing is ever only what we can see. Look below the
waters. Feel beyond the surface. Relax, feel, and surrender. Allow
yourself to be moved. Squint your eyes, blur your vision, and allow
your Visions.

Intention and alignment with Spirit/ Creator are the root and stem of
all magic and healing. Please pray for me on October 15 for my 9 AM
surgery (USA Eastern time is 9 PM on October 14; 7 PM for USA Western
time). Please pray as well, for the moments, days, weeks, and months
afterwards of patient loving healing for full recovery of my right
wrist, as I rest and rebuild myself to radiate as brightly as possible
for the unwritten script of the rest of my life--- as a butterfly.

With all my Heart: Love you. Thank you. Bless you.


PS- thanks so much for all your helpful insight regarding whether or
not to take out the metal! I feel very well-informed and supported in
my decision. If you have any suggestions for healing and wholing after
surgery, please share! Thank you SO much with all my heart!

PPS- yeah, I'm back in Taiwan. Doing the surgery and recovering here.
I'm in a great place- as always. Thanks, Universe. Don't know how long
I will stay here. Again, I surrender- and welcome Unknown--- with an
eye and intention out for a Home-home. : )

PPPS- I hope you fully appreciate just how amazing all the tiny parts
of your body are! Look in the mirror and say "Thank you" to your body-
and never take walking, talking, typing, or anything else for granted.
Always give thanks, and live fully embodied completely deliciously. :
) Enjoy!


snowy Himalayan peaks

some of the most beautiful Tibetan tanka paintings I have ever seen 
some of the most gorgeous snowy peaks I have ever surrendered to

north Indian Himalayan mountains- good times exploring with Lingjia (thanks for photos!) 


rooftop melody

life is a miracle 
and i am grateful to be HERE 

taichong, taiwan