Deep Creek Hot Springs, CA

If you live in or near Los Angeles County, then go visit this hot springs! It's large, beautiful, and relatively within driving distance. (It's an hour from my parents' place in the San Gabriel Valley, driving slowly). I'm posting directions, because it was difficult for me to find info online. Here's directions: 

The Drive
- 210 E
- go LEFT at the exit for 18 N/ Waterman 
- go LEFT at the stoplight for "Lake Gregory," to go to 189. A sharp curve RIGHT (immediately after the stoplight left) going up a steep hill begins your 189 ascent. 
- go LEFT to Grass Valley Road (this is a sort of confusing residential district. Just keep following the road signs, and go slow.) 
- eventually dead ends at 173. Go LEFT onto 173. 
- Right before the road closure, there's a bridge (Kinley Creek Bridge). Park here. To the right of the bridge, you'll see a small trail... take it! 

The Trail
It's about 3.5 to 5 miles down, according to different sources. So, it should take around an hour to get down, and 1-2 hours to get back up. There's a few different trails, but basically bear right for the shorter steeper route, and bear left for the longer less-steep route. Both are equally beautiful, and semi-treacherous in their own right. 

The Hot Springs
There's a few different pools, different temperatures, and clothing is optional. Bring water and a sun hat, have fun, and remove your trash, please! There's been people there every time I've visited, even on weekdays. The trail is really steep, so make sure you wear good walking shoes, and knee protection if you need it. Even if you don't visit the hot springs, it looks like once you get down to the river, if you bear left, there's less people, and it's quite gorgeous (think lush riparian zone, surrounded by large Joshua Tree NP style stones). If you bear further right, you walk towards the Pacific Crest Trail, which can take you all the way south to Mexico or north to Canada... enjoy! Besides this route I posted, there are other options. But, this way seems the most direct, and includes free parking. 

I got my info from here: