Five Elements Esalen retreat, 2022 rate increase


Happy Autumn Equinox on Sept. 22, and happy Moon Festival (中秋節) on Sept. 21! From a Chinese Medicine perspective, we welcome the energies of the Metal element in Autumn, which correlates with the Lung and Large Intestine meridians, inspiration, expiration, immunity, and connection with the Sacred. In these changing seasons, I hope that you enjoy warm teas, loving company, nourishing foods, and spacious rest and reflection.


FIVE ELEMENTS ESALEN RETREAT │ Join us at the stunning Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA for an embodied exploration of the Five Elements of Yoga & Chinese Medicine, Oct. 4 - 8. Learn more here!

WILDYOGA @ YOSEMITE │ Reconnect and recharge with Balanced Rock Foundation's WildYoga 100 Hour Immersion in Yosemite. Use my promo code wildyoga100 for $500 off! Nov. 1 - 19. Learn more here!


2022 RATE INCREASE │ For patients, please note that due to the increased cost of supplies and shipping, I will increase all of my rates by $5, beginning 1/1/2022. Please enjoy our current rates for the remainder of 2021!

GRANULES PHARMACY │ Our new in- house Chinese medicine herbal granules pharmacy gives you faster formula turnaround time, and even more customized formulas. Enjoy! :)


ONLINE YOGA │ See you once a month online for FREE/ by- donation Yoga for Athletes at Insight Timer.

IN- PERSON YOGA │ See you every Thursday for Yoga OUTDOORS on Thursdays 7:45 - 8:45 PM PST, at Boulderdash Ventura. Free for gym members!


May you welcome Autumn with gratitude and in beauty!


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