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The veil grows thin. Cultures around the world gather to celebrate our ancestors in autumn. Ghost month (gui yue 鬼月), Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, Obon… Now is the time for grief and praise.

The sun sets in the west with the Metal Element in autumn, when life composts back to its original nature. As the veil between the worlds of living and dying draws thin, we connect with our own mortality. Suffering, loss, and grief are integral to truly praising life. Governing the Lung meridian, Metal welcomes inhalation and inspiration. Governing the Large Intestine meridian, Metal releases what no longer serves us, the great expiration. Metal governs the Po (魄), our animal nature that recognizes truth, cuts clear lines and boundaries, and directs fair actions with crystalline discernment. Here, we connect with the sublime ceremonial sanctity present in each precious moment.

As you welcome autumn, consider:

  • How do I become a good ancestor?
  • What is essential? What do I release
  • What practices & rituals help me transform passing experiences into lasting change


Incense has a long history of creating sacred space, uplifting intentions, and communicating between realms. By heating plants and resins, we release volatile phytoconstituents that purify both physical and spiritual dimensions for ceremonial, medicinal, and home uses. Mixing and shaping incense by hand, we reconnect with our indigenous roots of shaping the earth, building rituals, and serenading our ancestors with songs carried on spiraling smoke.

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May you enjoy delicious teas, nourishing foods, loving company, restorative rest, and ancestral blessings.


Jiling Lin, L.Ac. 林基玲

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