babu tells a story 

there is the monkey god, hanuman 
he doesn't know that he has great powers 
one day he encounters a wise old teacher 
who sees the strength, beauty, and power lying latent within hanuman 
teacher tells hanuman what he sees within him, and helps him realize his power 
hanuman gains confidence and keeps developing his powers 
he steps into the god powers that he has always had 

this is the power of a good teacher 
and this is all the magic that we have lying latent within all of us 

traditional candles

clay or metal cups 
they are small and fit comfortably into my hand 
fill with coconut or any other oil
put a cotton wick the length of my pinky into cup, letting it rise up a little above the oil 
thickness of wick is 5-strands
wet the top of wick sticking out with fingers 
sing a song to give thanks
light the wick 
have a comfortable flame for a nice long while 
keep singing 

this is south indian traditional "candle"
much better than wax! 
i will make many clay cups when i make a home again 
to put fire into 

i put these photos up thinking that my friends justin, bill, kari, joy, tamarack, and other traditional-ways pottery-loving friends would appreciate... and put the simple effective skill to immediate use!

in temples here they use metal instead of clay to hold the candles... have many indentations into a clay or metal plate, for the wicks to hang out. one cup or bowl or plate can hold many wicks and much oil to sustain it all... a beautiful powerful light. great for rituals, romantic dinners, and effective night-lighting. 

temple flower tree

i have only seen this flowers in trees next to ashrams 
they smile big toothy grins like they are in bliss, 
and waft sweet honey vanilla heart-opening scents
into the thunderstorm-approaching-big-wind air

bhud's back

more symbolic images 
everywhere they abound!
this one right on my friend bhud's back 
image from buddhist monks of thailand 
can you feel it? 


from a temple floor, chalked in white, prayers aplenty, 
coming soon to a post office near you


family and home

sweet mud and spicy rain splashed all over
my wet body rolled into a nice warm blanket 
listening to soothing rumbles of my deep-voiced friends
a grounding bass base for the drumming and clanging overhead thunderstorm
fire cracking through sky in spirals, rivers, and explosions 
like all the meridian energy lines and waves rolling through body 
just feel it
powerful electricity pulsating through every molecule of sky united with earth
as we lie in center, just breathing clay pot bodies infused with electricity
just feel it 
moonlight, firelight, and inner light reflected in flashing eyes of all colors
sitting in a circle gently igniting kundalini with voices and arms uplifted in wild sacred celebration
threads of melody and voices of all textures interweaving a tapestry of celebratory moonsong
live your life as a celebration
dharma, karma, and moksha- you know the knowledge that knows what knowledge is
three oms, three shantis, and then sound of silence pulsing with prana, heartbeats, breath, and... something 
just feel the vibration 
says my teacher 
just feel it 
we infuse sacred silence with laughter that rolls through the night to dance with the clouds 
clouds weaving triangles and spinning dragons around full moon smiling upon us
in tall old tree near my home, three small monkeys by day, three huge bats by night
you must merge into the simple state simply