Spring Break

We spot birds circling and swarming ahead, and sail that way. Schools of dolphins leap and flash through the water, herding fish into a bait ball. Plume after plume of water sprays high from a humpback whale whose small fin, bumpy back, and elegant tail glides through the water, paralleling our boat. He is magnificent. Sea birds wheel overhead, as dolphins leap towards us from every direction. We are caught in an oceanic feeding melee between Ventura Harbor and Santa Cruz Island. We set the boat on neutral, the captain steering every so often to keep out of the whale's way. I am riveted, heart leaping with the dolphins, completely grounded in place even on bumpy water, by the proximity and feeling of the majestic humpback whale.

We'd watched whales from a distance on Oahu, but I don't remember ever being this close to a whale. I felt exhilarated surfing with sea turtles around the island, like touching the divine: I paddle towards a distant wave, only to stop, astounded, as a sea turtle swims straight towards me, cresting the nearest wave. Another had swam below me, earlier. Rainbow colored fish swim around precious coral. My body dips and weaves between ocean, fish, and coral. I am buoyant yet strong, my face goggled and blinking, my first time snorkeling.

I lead climb for the first time, yesterday. Climbing on rock again still feels like a tremendous feat after my 2006 climbing accident: so long ago, and yet forever close to my heart, the surface of my experience, living as a miracle. The rock is sharp, with solid holds, an easy route that we climb over and over again, trying different routes, taking turns leading, familiarizing, enjoying, being. Malibu Creek sings below us. This land is so familiar, beautiful, precious.

It's been an incredible spring break. I am preparing for my final quarter of Chinese medicine graduate school with a handful of exciting new teaching gigs around Ventura, and a packed study schedule for board exams. Everything coalesces now. The sky is a brilliant blue, as storm clouds form on the horizon, and sudden small droplets kiss my bronzed skin. What a very full blessing to be alive. A good journey to here, and a good journey ahead.

Atha yoga anushasanum. Now, the practice of yoga begins.


Herbal Arts series

Deepen your relationship with medicinal plants through complete sensory engagement. Focus connection with one plant each month by drinking tea, making art, and crafting herbal medicines. Learn historical and scientific practices and perspectives, while cultivating experiential intuition. Art processes hone observational and technical skills, and encourage multi-media exploration, through life-drawing, print-making, book-binding, and photography. Creating herbal preparations empowers health resilience. Rotating projects include salves, tinctures, honeys, vinegars, and incense. Take home herbal preparations, art projects, and informed inspiration for optimal life expression, wellness, and thrival.

When: Third Saturdays of each month, 1 to 5 PM.
Where: Vita Art Center
Register: $55/ class via Vita Art Center, or contact me


spring kids' herbs/ yoga classes

Morning sun salutations in Joshua Tree with my favorites: Larrea tridentata (Creosote), big granite slabs, warm sun, smooth wind (actually the wind was a bit much that morning), and my sweetie (sneaky photographer)!

Registration is open for spring kids' herbs/ yoga + food/ fitness classes with me through Hitchcock Children's Center. Fun plants and desert-inspired sun salutations promised, ahead. Sign on up!

Adult herbal classes on the way. Seeking stable venue in Ventura. Stay posted!