water in the desert is like... springtime in the desert, falling in love for the first time (every time), dreaming at night, and waking up in the morning: 


(photo by piggy, from mt baldy, ca- highest point in los angeles county at 10,000 feet above sea level) 

forward, ho!

looking back
saying thank you 
striding forward
even stronger
full gratitude
big heart
bright eyes
grounded feet
straight spine
full breath
absolute delight

(photo from bayan farm in yangmingshan mountains above taipei, taiwan) 

high school

today i visited my high school again and saw my art teachers (favorite teachers) mr bibeau and mr burgan. they have known me for over 10 years now, and continue to inspire my life more deeply each time i see them. (i visit every few years or so... whenever i return to my hometown). life experience provides greater perspective and appreciation. in two years, bibeau is finally retiring after a lifetime of teaching art. burgan makes music on the side, and both strive to balance students as human beings, teach life skills as well as art techniques, and both say, "i LOVE teaching." outside of teaching, both have rich personal lives, and an amazing collection of life stories and diverse perspectives. open minds like the bright blue sky, opening young minds! thanks for positively changing my life as a teenager, and continue to do so, as an adult! my lifestyle is very different than most college graduates, and these teachers continue to applaud and encourage me on my unique path. all i can say is THANK YOU and you INSPIRE me, too. :) 


mt baldy

today was a beautiful day in mountains with my old friend piggy/ tommy. we've known each other almost 20 years now! 

i am proud to say that today, i initiated piggy in a few important life events ;) 
- piggy's 2nd time encountering snow! 
- highest mountain he has ever climbed in his life! 
- and longest hike of his life! mt baldy is the tallest mountain in los angeles county. we hiked almost 10 miles with 4000 feet of elevation gain, to a mountain over 10,000 above sea level. the best part was, it was spontaneous :) we didn't decide to hike up until after eating lunch in a tree overlooking the trail. then we just kept walking up. "wouldn't it be funny if we actually ended up walking to the top?" we joked with each other when we started our post-lunch stroll. well, we kept walking, and made it up the mountain! i kept saying "gorgeous... beautiful.... magical..." all day long, and those three words describe this hike and the majestic landscape quite perfectly. i feel super grateful for old friends, old mountains, and this gift of life 

bamboo forest


taiwan- taichong, friends

- me and tara 
- gods ride the train too
- goodbye to the roof i slept on in taichong 
- bag's packed and ready to go, in waiting room of taichong healing center 


i always have too much stuff... 

nainai and gugu

dad's side of family in taiwan

taiwan friends 2- zfg folks

last dinner together, and then major thanks to thalia and miki for escorting me to the airport and helping me unload, load, unpack, repack :) 

taiwan friends

me and larry- in kenting, southernmost point of taiwan
seamas and camilla- in kaoxiong, southernmost large city, second largest city in taiwan 
me and eric- in taichung, central taiwan 
camping buddies in jiayi, central mountainous taiwan


from my yearly birthday cake celebration with family in taiwan, earlier this year 

shulin and craig

craig knows me from when i was 18 
shulin knows me from before india
they met today, and we all walked into my mountains together

big dalton canyon

i love when the trails turn



i love dinosaur brethren 

co-op buddies

life stories are so RICH! :) 


written on edge of my college building roof: 
"JUMP and you will live more than you ever lived in that free fall
but STAY and you will keep the promise that is the meaning of your Life." 

joshua tree adventurers!

what a hot sun and gorgeous sky! 

beavertail cactus bloom




2 more photos: 
- wrist and barrel cactus compare nails- i am still taking care of wrist post-surgery, fingers 3 and 4 still have lack of sensation- nerve damage, absolutely
- nerve damage or not, i stand happily atop ryan mountain in northern joshua tree national park, back in a place i love and call home, and preparing to fly somewhere new and again make a new home