August itinerary

7/26 - 8/6= staffing kids' farm camp and African dance theater camp at Orchard Hill Farm (NH)
8/6 - 8/8= Daughters of the Earth gathering at Earthlands (MA) (I need a ride down from NH, if you know anyone...)
8/9 - 8/14?= Earthstory gathering at Earthlands (MA) (and then I need a ride up to northern VT, if you know anyone...)
8/15 - 8/21= Vision Quest (VT) 
final two weeks of the month... don't know yet. I will probably hangout with Luz Elena in Brattleboro, VT. I want to see Keith, Mira, Efan, Jason, Kalyan, Darcey, and Sean sometime this summer, too. I also want some kind of backpacking / survival camping trip. So, hopefully a small extended visit to Keith's farm and/or Kalyan's new farm, too. 
... and then I plan to return to Connecticut before September 5 for the Red Tent that day, and then start Two Coyotes' autumn children's programs on September 6! 



i really wanted!
to return to the desert
and work with "at-risk" youth
beautiful shining teenagers that society can't yet accept
and learn from plant-man doug
and a bunch of burros
and cacti 
and mountains
and a sky so big and wide
that my heart floods with blue
that merges with red
into the most vivid healing purple i've ever seen
as the hot desert rocks boom their deep booms 
and i know that 
we are held

i really wanted! 
to stay here and cultivate 
the relationships and seeds that i've set
and slowly watched sprout 
and am still blossoming 
so much love for so many people 
yet so often feeling so very 
and struggling
with restlessness and wants and needs and boundaries
don't cross my boundaries 

i am learning to see my boundaries 
and bravely state them when i need to
no more hiding them 
no more hiding 

i am stepping out into the sunshine 
from a morbid smoggy winter 
and sweating beads of mingled pain and pleasure 
the raw honesty of being alive and whole
with black, white, and all rainbow prismatic every nothings
swirled into a giant
center of the universe

i really wanted!
yes i did! 
and i still do 
but i am learning

thank you

thank you 
for listening and watching and knowing and seeing
and holding and being
and being
just being 

thank you 
for all the prayers seen and unseen,
heard and unheard
for i feel them every time i cry into the wind
and she blows back with a kiss
and i know 
that i am blessed
with seen and unseen 
heard and unheard

thank you 
friends everywhere 


yes love

watching bats fly around at dusk
minnows gathering around my toes and nibbling them
while i am swimming in ice pond
of all places!
yes, ice pond
clouds pink, sky blue
back out into the great known unknown beautiful