The Process

The Process
Connective exercises for journaling and walking in nature. Nature connection, plant connection... internal and external connection. 
  1. observe
    1. internal (notice thoughts/ feelings arising and passing)
    2. external (fully-embodied sensory observations)
  2. engage
    1. gift
    2. inquire
    3. notice
    4. engage/ record (journal/ draw/ move)
  3. gratitude
  4. share
  • oral (word, song)
  • written (read)
  • visual (share drawing/ movement)

Questions (on emotions)
  1. when do you experience this
  2. how do you process it
  3. 3 actions to transform my current relationship with it

Five Phase 五行 Words

(words to evoke images, felt senses of each Element. experience. savor. )

North. Water. Winter. Fear. Wisdom. Will. Kidney. Bladder. Bones. Roots. Groaning. Ears/ Sound. Salty. Cold.

Skill. Resources. Death. Storage. Purpose. Ocean. Rivers. Rain. Lymph. Cycles. Rhythm. Flow. Depth. Regeneration. Possibility. Unknown. Limits. Boundaries. Essence. Adventure. Journey. Travel. Danger. Hibernation. Patience. Darkness. Vastness. Peace. Spine. Teeth. Generations. Future. Sleep. Dreams. Mystery.

木 WOOD –
East. Wood. Spring. Anger. Compassion . Dreams. Liver. Gallbladder. Sinews. Sprouts. Shouting. Eyes/ Vision. Sour. Wind.

Decisions. Planning. Ideas. Spontaneity. Curiosity. Growth. Birth. Pioneer. Actions. Goals. Creation. Movement. Stagnation. Stuck. Trees. Forest. Courage. Initiation. Dawn. Sprouts. Youth. Competition. Drive. Stress. Frustration. Overwhelm. Organization. Flexibility. Resilience. Balance. Emotions. Alignment. Learning.

火 FIRE –
South. Fire. Summer. Joy. Propriety . Spirit. Heart. Small Intestine. Blood vessels. Flowers. Laughing. Tongue/ Speech. Bitter. Heat.

Love. Passion. Sex. Relationships. Sun. Intimacy. Fun. Play. Dynamism. Wild. Thrive. Desire. Queen. Mind. Intelligence. Humor. Naked. Authenticity. Confidence. Core. Opening. Chaos. Practice. Dedication. Devotion. Celebration. Communication. Excitement. Mastery. Arts. Pleasure. Expression. Focus. Creativity.

Southwest/ Center. Earth. Mid- Summer. Contemplation/ Sympathy . Integrity. Intention. Spleen. Stomach. Muscles/ Flesh. Fruit. Singing. Mouth/ Taste. Sweet. Damp.

Food. Digestion. Belly. Family. Honesty. Adulthood. Maturity. Grounding. Stability. Body. Feet. Community. Support. Mother. Gratitude. Belonging. Care. Nourishment. Hunger. Responsibility. Mountains. Stones. Dirt. Soil. Delicious. Comfort. Trust. Cozy. Home.

West. Metal. Autumn. Grief/ Praise. Righteousness. Intuition. Lung. Large Intestine. Skin. Seeds. Weeping. Nose/ Smells. Pungent/ Spicy. Dry.

Transformation. Receiving. Releasing. Authority. Respect. Logic. Old age. Harvest. Alchemy. Sacred. Breath. Utility. Precious. Money. Possessions. Power. Sky. Space. Solitude. Stillness. Transience. Heartbreak. Tears. Father. Men. Regrets. Grudges. Defecation. Shit. Tradition. Admiration. Strengths. Weaknesses. Spirituality. Purity. Giving. Truth. Respiration. Cleanse. Surrender. Ritual. Compost. Hope. Wonder. Awe. Lineage.


Kids yoga

Adult yoga students
don't often come in bearing in hand-drawn gifts,
little felted oval gifts,
knotted yarn bracelet gifts,
or gifts made by their mama's.
Kids do.
I was moved this morning by this little sticker
drawn by a student's mom,
with Monkeyflowers (Mimulus)
surrounding our beautiful state,
which has had a hard year of fire,
followed by an epic spring bloom.
Teaching kids yoga is full of surprises.
I go in with an idea or theme,
then mostly surrender.
Sometimes we stay according to plan,
other times not.
Not today.
And it was wonderful.
I laughed so hard during class,
then was nearly moved to tears by the end of class.
We closed class by sharing what sea creature we were during shavasana,
along with what we were bringing back into the world,
from the magical basket we wove together, in class.
We had dolphins, otters, a boat, and seaweed
bringing peace, fun, friendship, and the Great Mystery
back into our worlds.
Dear friend reading this now,
likely "adult,"
likely logical, contemplative...
what sea creature are you?
What do you bring into the world,
with your arms opening up overhead,
head tipping back in laughter,
to sprinkle down unto our planet?
(have fun!)