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Reaching for a right crimp while shaking and sweating, I slip on the cold smooth wall, and whip out over the triangular crag. Unseen and unheard, my climbing partner belays from above. Fingers scrabbling on uncompromising rock, I dangle under the overhang, swinging back and forth over the ocean. As the sun rapidly sets, I focus, clamber back onto the crux, zone in and, one deliberate move at a time, send it home.
Surfing the next day, the swell fills the horizon. I paddle into position, anticipating the surging wave. As I power through the pinkening pre-dawn water, I feel it push. I pop up, merging with the wave. I gaze down the line with single-focused present moment intent, body graceful, actions aligned, brilliantly alive.
I share this crystalline clarity and vibrant aliveness with the athletes, artists, and healthcare practitioners who I support through pain, trauma, and complex chronic conditions in my Earth-centered acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice. They know that my adventures hiking, backpacking, surfing, climbing, and traveling inspire my dedicated clinical focus, and their positive treatment results. The joys and challenges of wilderness adventures creates internal resilience in both me and my patients, inspiring love and understanding for our Earth, while empowering personal and environmental stewardship.


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