ProjectME 2017

It's been a busy and delicious year. Here's my yearly sharing of daily self portraits. There's much less this year, since I traveled for half of 2017. When I'm fully present or super busy, I sometimes make less photos. We'll see how this project evolves into the future.

2018 is my final full year of school. I plan to graduate in June 2019. Other big projects lie ahead, requiring a lot of time and creativity. But here, I enjoy the ritual of daily portraiture. Reviewing my year through my photos is satisfying, and humbling. I live a splendid life. I am grateful.

This is the twelfth year of this project. I will modify and reinvigorate the project, this year. Thanks for viewing, and for participating in my life! May this new year of 2018, Earth Dog year (Lunar New Year on Feb 16), bring you peace and great Beauty.

Jiling 林基玲


2017 in review

Jan - Mar
Portland, OR (National University of Natural Medicine)

Apr - June
OR--> CA (via coast for Tierra's workshop, and courting the Pacific)
WA (Interplay training)
CO--> WI--> CO (for Midwest Women's Herbal Conference)

July - Aug
Yunnan province, China (leading with Where There Be Dragons)

Taiwan (solo skirted bike circumnavigation)

Oct - Dec
Los Angeles, CA (Alhambra Medical University)