Outdoor Community Acupuncture

  • Outdoor Community Acupuncture on Saturday, September 26. 11 AM- 12 noon, at The Pharm (1899 E Main. Ventura, CA)
  • $25. Limited space. SIGN UP here!
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Mount Giraud & Motivation

I free-fall 40 feet, fracturing the crisp Sierra Nevada air. Bouncing and rolling down another 400 feet over rock and ice, I mar the tranquil alpine tundra with bones and blood. Somehow, I live. “What will you do with your one wild precious life?” whispers the landscape.

I quit my job and travel across the US and Asia, discovering myself through the world around me. I experience deep pain, wonder, confusion, and clarity. I guide wilderness trips, gaining grace and confidence. “I’m doing this for you,” I smile, “and me.”
I return to Mount Giraud three times, finally summiting its austere 12,608 foot beauty. I sit atop what transformed my life, gazing down, grateful. Again, “What will you do with your one wild precious life?”
I return to my roots and practice Chinese medicine, providing quality holistic healthcare with the same curiosity and respect as I’d approached Giraud. Wilderness experiences invigorate my embodied understanding of life, and the body. Nature bolsters classical Chinese medical theory, strengthens my clinical logic and intuition, and enlivens profound metaphors for explaining complex concepts and crafting well-rounded treatment plans.
I ground my busy professional life by digging in my garden, and exploring wild places inaccessible by car. On longer adventures, I challenge both constructed and actual physical and mental limitations, gracefully honoring what’s unchangeable, and gently transforming more malleable boundaries. Through experience, I ask my patients, students, and community, “What will you do with your one wild precious life?”