solstice intentions

trust intuition/ follow heart/ inner guidance
empowered action/ active creation/ direct manifestation
tapas/ diligence/ committed practice 


women circle

this has been my experience of taiwan 
and my experiences are 
constantly evolving 
this photo holds a lot for me 
my mama, ama, and nainai
talking, in the house where my mama grew up 
and they continue to live 
and run the family business 
eating food my ama cooks
and has learned to cook from her mama and ama 
retelling and telling stories old and new 
about life in all it's funny, simple, and serious 
ups, downs, twists, turns
it's all so very 

sister gloria

me and my sister, gloria 
yes, she is taller than me 
no, she is younger than me...
and yes, we are very different 
and equally wise ;) 

ci taiwan

welcome to contact improv dancing in taiwan 


merry christmas from the north pole... of taiwan 

(jiling with santa claus... aka larry) 


new old friend in taipei and taichong, taiwan 


my ama, grandma on my ma's side, turns 80 next year. this year's birthday, her age is still a question mark! :) 

jiayi 嘉義 camping

camped overnight at a waterfall in 嘉義 jiayi (southern central taiwan mountains) with some great people 


"paper temple." taiwanese people enjoy japanese designs and architecture. this all-religions-embracing temple is made of paper, produced on a local farm. (and metal, glass, etc)。 also en route to sunmoonlake. photos by aunt and friend


flower exhibit in puli. my aunt (left) with her friend. rainy day. en route to sun moon lake. taiwanese people like to put flowers into arrangements, and admire their beauty. it reminds me of drinking tea. small things that make you happy. 

sun moon lake

blue sky 
calm lake 
with boats all over it 
and people surrounding it 
welcome to sun moon lake (日月潭) in the middle of taiwan 
one of taiwan's most famous lakes 
i prefer the small lakes 
like "grandma's pond" (阿婆潭) in yangmingshan (陽明山) 
but it was interesting here 
to see all the development 
and experience what most tourists from china or elsewhere come to taiwan to see 
so now i know 
and can blue sky calm lake 

(pictured on left is my aunt maylin from taichong, my adventure partner for the day!) 


christmas dinner, taipei

i am so thankful for sweet and spicy friendship: brothers and sisters! 
especially happy when friends from different pieces of my life get to meet each other! 



i am staying in taiwan for an indefinite period of time

(photo from sanyi, old rails) 



radiate out 
this love to the world 
share shine brightly 
with passion and courage 
speak my truth 
with integrity and clarity 
i know what i want and need 
i know myself 
i understand my place in this world 
i know what i need to do 
and where i am going 
i proudly step forward with strong humbleness 
i know myself 
and help others know themselves
and shine their lights brightly 
as well 
one flame 
ignites many more