on full moon, first time climbing wall again since surgery 
exhilarating, dangerous, and delicious 
today, first time climbing a tree since surgery 
feels amazing 
i feel like i am a new born baby experiencing life for first time!


women circle

me, mama, sis

full moon, morning sun

aho mitakwe oyasin

rock talk

on a spiritual path, the most important elements are: 
1- connection with people 
2- mind-body-spirit physical practice (ie. yoga, chigong, etc) 
3- sitting meditation practice 



says the rock
lying in wait 
on roadside 

it's all interconnected
says roots locked together 
under rock across road
ants living and crawling underneath 

web of life

left-alone things GROW clipclop WAIT
RIPENING in sunshine, shadows, mindfields, spirit Oceans, and 
body ELECTRIC thunder lightning brainSTORM spiral
kundalinicious AWAKENINGS
burst into flame 



rock talk

all is full of motion
change is a constant 

accept the imperfection
it is perfect 

nothing stays the same 
beneath nothing
flows  everything 



dialogue with rocks

it's the small things 
that you walk by everyday 
it's the everyday moments 
strewn about like dust particles in the sun 
that coalesce into something whole 
all the little pieces 
that dance together 
merging, separating, and weaving seductively 
the rhythms of our lives 

my new project: 
daily rock dialogues 
i intend to share online as much as possible 
and for the rest- i am working on myself 

your inner nature 
explodes to reveal its own brightness 
constantly evolving and expanding 

notice the small things 
give thanks 
connect with one small thing,
connect with the whole Universe


my body breathing 
each heartbeat beat thump pull drawing me 
deep deep dark deeper into my
dream of a shadowy landscape 
owl chasing bat 
flying at me 
i birdcall out a warning 
so they don't fly into me 
i saw where i need to go 
a brief flash of knowing before all went dark 
i hold onto that sense of knowing 
body filled with sensations of the dampness of earth
smells of rich soil and fermenting leaves 
moonlight in my heart
guiding me 
stillness and echoes 
stardust and ashes 
i know where i am going 

wrist- healing slow yet fast 
just right 
teaching again on saturday 
vocal opening/ improvisation 
and spirited yoga 

sunset now, moon in front, sun in back, blue sky transitioning, birdsong and car echoes a blanket over my sticky skin, sweating all day from slow dancing to my breath and inner shifu, drums roaring in my chest, no escape 

welcome to the now of all pain, balance, joy, love, bliss, anger, chaos, still sweetness 

open to flow

taiwan is chigong: flow
black and white balance 
harmonious interplay of lights  and shadows
looking in, smiling out 
crying lots, laughing more 
a daily celebration of moments
deep breaths and mindful nonmind states 


open wrist

so here's what my cut-open wrist and the metal looks like... a nurse
took photo w cellphone during surgery

beautiful? haha- we are one thing on outside, another on inside-
amazing body, precious life

how does metal look to u?

after surgery, my hand looks like this now, all sewn up

after 8-10 days, doc says i can wash wrist again, and cut should be
healed by then

i will be working on restrengthening and re-stretching arm and hand
muscles and such, as soon as i can - probably after cut is totally

am still practicing chigong 4 hrs daily- much more gently- and
leg-asanas... and getting intimate w left hand

love u all - thanks for all your helpful and loving words, wisdom, and love


wrist surgery tomorrow- 明天開刀

death leads to birth
new cycles 
new transformations 
tomorrow, new moon
metal out of my wrist
it is time! 

dear wrist- i am sorry this ever happened
please forgive me- and my karma 
thank you for all the ways you bless my life (so very very much) 
and- i love you!

blessings abundantly swirling all around- 
prayers from all over
thank you dear friends for your love and support 

a new (old) wrist
a new life beginning- yes! 
brand new start
i embrace this change

life river flowing calm yet strong!

today's sanyi hike

beautiful day
enjoyed in the company of beautiful friends
gratitude abundant!