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Happy Lunar New Year of the Water Tiger!

Lunar New Year is the second New Moon after Winter Solstice, and the biggest festival in my Taiwanese-Chinese culture. Families and friends prepare and gather for weeks, and flock to temples to burn incense and offer food, prayers, and love to our ancestors. Here in the USA, I typically spend Lunar New Year on a mountaintop, offering my own prayers and love up, down, and all around.

🌿 How are you honoring the second new moon of 2022?

🌿 What cultural traditions do you observe at the start of the year?

🌿 How have your cultural traditions shifted & blossomed over time?


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COVID | As Covid continues ravaging our world, hold yourself and our communities with care.

MEDITATE | Here's free meditations to cultivate inner peace, especially needed in our current wild times. Visit my Links page for more!

  • Tara Brach offers Radical Compassion, her RAIN model, podcast, poetry, funny stories, and so many free meditations.
  • Rick Hanson also has free meditations, podcast, and in-depth trainings.
  • Enjoy local meditations with Klaudia Paletta in both English and Spanish.

LIFE DESIGN | Here's two informative productivity & life design blogs I love:

Keep paddling, water tiger. 😻 May the tides carry you with gentle strength. Book your acupuncture appointment here to nourish resilience for the year ahead, or come join my Thursday evening yoga classes at Boulderdash climbing gym.

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