Welcome Spring by Moving Liver Qi

Learn about qualities of the Wood Element of Chinese medicine, including movement practices for spring, the Chinese herbal formula Xiao Yao San 逍遙散, and some western herbs too!

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With Poppies popping, Elders flowering, and Sycamores leafing, we welcome spring. May you also cultivate healthy rest, movement, connection, nutrition, and creativity as we move through the winds of change.

AAPI HAVENIn the wake of recent hate crimes against Asian Americans, I'm offering $10 off all of my services for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) folks only, for the month of April. The recent events have shaken me on both a personal and professional level. I hope to support my community however I can. If my rates are still inaccessible to you, then contact me, and let's chat.

Speak up to support the AAPI community. Speak out against racism and acts of hatred. Add your voice to the voices of others, on social media, and in your conversations: violence against the AAPI community, and in general, is absolutely unacceptable. Racism in general, and against AAPI, is not tolerated.

Here's some anti- racism resources:

ONLINE CONSULTS │ I continue treating patients with acupuncture/ cupping in person, as I have all pandemic. Even as our worlds gradually re- open, I will continue offering online consultations:

  • Herbal + full consults (online only)
  • Yoga private sessions (online/ in- person)
  • InterPlay focus sessions (online/ in- person)

INTERPLAY FOCUS SESSIONSInterPlay is an active, creative way to unlock our bodies' wisdom. In focus sessions, I support you in exploring a topic through embodied improvisational movement, vocalization, and story- telling. I welcome you with a $10 discount through April--- just mention this newsletter. Other InterPlay offerings:

  • Embodying Elements InterPlay classes inspired by Chinese Medicine's Five Element theory will continue throughout this year, completely by donation, coinciding with seasonal equinox/ solstice events!
  • Visit my Events page for links to Life Practice programs for Helping Professionals (starting next week!), and Art + Social Change (in July!). Inquire about our generous scholarships for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color).

CLASSES │ I've been teaching a lot online recently, and having so much fun! I'm happy to collaborate with you or your organization with my diverse toolkit of ancient Chinese medicine, western herbal, yoga, creative improvisational, and mindfulness practices. Just ask! Here's a menu of past classes, for ideas.

MEDIA │ I started posting weekly "in the clinic this week..." reflections on social media, usually every Tuesday. Visit my Instagram/ Facebook pages to better understand how else Acupuncture can support you... and enjoy my spring flower photos/ videos. Listen to some new podcasts on my podcasts page, too.

GIFTING BIPOC │ If you'd like to make a gift to a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) person for my services, then please visit this page. You can make a donation on PayPal (please indicate it's for a BIPOC gift), or purchase a gift card via Square for a specific person. Please reference my services & fees on this page. Thank you for supporting our larger community.

WILDERNESS STEWARDSHIP │ As golden poppies and other flowers burst into bloom, please enjoy our public lands--- and recreate responsibly. Social distancing and mask wearing are still important, as are other Covid- safety and Leave No Trace principles. Thank you for helping take care of all of us, including Mama Earth!

Enjoy the beauty + power of spring,



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