i am speaking with you again 
my best friend
my sweet darling and dear
earth, water, fire, air
elements and spirits 
of seen and unseen
i am walking with you again 
and i am so grateful 
for all of you
buoyantly grounding
as we flow


gathering the storm

everything is moving
as perfectly as it needs to
be it fast or slow
the winds of change are blowing
sweet rhythmic ancient scents
wild, exciting, distant, yet familiar
and i am dancing

when i fall, then what? (greenfield, ma hilltop)

if i fall
i know you'll catch me
but are you ready
for my weight
are you ready
for the mountains of my Heart
the crashing waves of my Spirit
the endless vistas of my very Being?
if i jump
will you support my flight
and catch me
when i Fall?

breakfast on a rock- brattleboro, vt

leaves falling
butterflies fluttering
breakfast on a rock
now i eat you
death for life
now you eat me

from the hilltop i sat on this morning in greenfield, ma

patient unending STONE
my feet tingle as they grow into you
sitting waiting watching being
time does not exist
seasons mesh into one another
continuous flow rhythm be
of clouds, sunshine, rain, moon, stars
ah yes, those stars
they too, like us
sitting, waiting, watching, being
i wonder if we are just as inspiring?
do we too glow from a core inner light
sending twinkles far off into space?
the space between Raven's feathers
contracting and expanding
as she circles her air kingdom
spaces between the leaves dancing with time and wind
growing and shifting
then falling, one by one
to mesh back into
patient unending STONE
waiting watching being
growing stillness
space between earth, sky,


rest and reflection

today i laid on a Rock
like so many other days on other Rocks
watching Sky
thinking about everything and nothing
and just resting
in the Bliss and perfection 
of the 


all the rain 
all the Sacred Tears
Sky held for us
as we cried for our Visions
and Quested on the Mountain
all is falling
held by Mama
Sky has opened
bathing my Heart
in Sacred Tears
the better to see You with, my dear
my Dear


love and thanks

thank you 
i love you so much 
i am so grateful for all you bring into this world and my life! 
thank you for shining your light so brightly

i can't upload fresh photos until i return to connecticut... so here's some more photos from my elder Bill that pretty aptly sum up what others have been doing for me... prayers and candles. 
i love you so much 
i am so very grateful 
and i am writing to let you know that 
i have returned from the Mountain 
i am safe and well 
and my bowl is now full yet empty 
and there is much to say 
but also not much at all 
sometime soon, i will do a Giveaway Ceremony and tell my story then, in connecticut 
for those of you not in connecticut 
we can connect in other ways
call me, tap in via the winds and earth
and we will rub our hearts and bellies, smile, and sigh
with contented connected united knowing
for all that remains unsaid,
is already said


star heart

thru spiraling smoke
bright stars shine inside
i find my way 

(Vision Quest this week in northern Vermont. Sacred silence. Prayers, loving thoughts, and blessings invited and gratefully accepted. I love you!!!) 



enters my life
sometimes with silent padded steps
sometimes like a mighty gush of thunderstorm
sometimes so subtly, like a dandelion slowly opening
sometimes so overtly, like an avalanche stone crashing down a mountain
enters my life
sometimes sweetly
like fresh blueberries on a summer morning
sometimes sourly
with an aftertaste of blueberries forgotten in a bowl
sometimes, watching my self as i step forward slowly
as i pick myself back up
from the avalanche
and piece back together
freshly kilned clay
and infinitude of hearts
and potential
from the ashes of fiery flames
fruits borne of sunshine, sweat, dirt, and death
i am

(me and Justin just ended our romantic relationship a few days ago. i am doing okay, and grateful for love in all its forms)
(thank you my dear esteemed elder Bill, for the lovely photo, and for helping fire my clay hearts! and growing the tomato heart! :) )


the Fall

August 7, 2006... the Fall. It's been four years now. Thank you...