wrist- a retrospective

 all photos from August 2006, except for final photo
final photo before The Fall- near Giraud Peak, John Muir Wilderness, northern CA, USA
on the helicopter out of the mountains, after the Fall
 I am lucky to be alive, spine intact, both wrists broken, face and body ripped apart but more than functional
nature is the best medicine 

right after cast first taken off, post-surgery 

 my mom made this photo of me right after they took cast off, admiring my hands and feeling grateful...
my wrist, today 

we are gonna get through this, learn lots... and I've promised to never do anything like this again to my wrist, or my Self. i completely love and accept myself, metal and all... and pray that i learn all the lessons i must learn from this journey of second-surgery, second healing, continuous healing journey... and, i patiently walk with this pain, this scar, and this healing process for now, until the day we can fully practice yoga, chigong, dance, climbing, and all the other beauties of life together again!

until then, i cherish it all!

.love. presence. gratitude.