taipei- 4

rain blanket, drum rhythm 
earth shakes, sky blessings 
green things rising, humans crawling 
small life, big universe 
we hold it all within ourselves 

happy day, everyday 
tap in, spiral out 
joy thru tears, blue within rain 
today and everyday, big changes! 
opportunity for transformation 

clouds move fast, one month past 
stillness within movement
peaceful blissful central stillness 

just a heartbeat 
tinder packed tightly
precious little thing 
blown into flame 
strong winds 
i hold you to my chest 
set me on fire 
into the world 
dance me with water 
as we run fast on earth
legs leaping and twirling 
grounding and stomping 
these are ancient global rhythms we pound 
chest to chest 
fingers gently interlaced 
each small movement a prayer 
bodies shuddering, sweating, surrendered 
breath that moves through me 
thank you Creator 
i dedicate my life
to You
this dance is Yours 
i feel earth energy rising through my legs
drawing my movements 
i can still choose
how to place them 
and holding steady
when to rise and fall
with smooth
or jagged 

sky jewels raining down 
to adorn trees and bless plants
cold taipei, winter setting in 
half of me, "go hike anyways"
the other half, "don't get your hand wet" 
considering already an infection 
better play it safe 
i watch the rain from my window 
in delight
wrapped up in old woolen jacket 
hot tea steaming 
colors at my fingers 
music thumping
heartbeat thrumming
breath soothing

my mama's last day here 
been 6 weeks now with mama 
and 4 with meimei, my lil sis 
my world changed and shifted dramatically during that time 
and tonight, i turn a new page again 

1- before my family coming here, life chapter title: 
fresh from india, studying chigong in taichong, struggling wild windy woman thing in the city 
2- chapter with ma and mei: 
wrist surgery heartbreak recovery, old traumas reopened, familial conflict and connection 
3- and tonight begins (i assume- i don't know yet until it happens): 
she flies once more, wrist strengthening, small travels resuming, mind-body-spirit focus evolving