morning still
soft sacred silent receptive 
you come whispering 
tiptoeing in on breezy feet
a kiss and smile on your lips 
cheeks flushed and laughing 
goosebumps from the cold
mud on your cheek 
your hair smells like wet grass 
there's ferns stuck between your toes 
wild doe, gentle wild fierce being darling creature
she who howls in the night and dances in the day and fears nothing yet lies quaking 
she who holds all the world in her hands yet mutters self-limiting mantras to herself under her breath 
she would glitters on stages around the world yet cannot stand atop the stage within her heart
and dialogue with her self 
can't i hear you? 
morning silence, midnight waiting, baiting 
i welcome you 
with smoke, stone, and elixir 
i welcome you 
with colors, books, and music
i welcome you 
with empty pages, receptive bodies, 
and baskets once overflowing now tipped dry to receive the blessings of sun, wind, moon, earth
i welcome you 
silent raging loud ravaging one
creator destructress amazing empress
come fill me now