let go 
i own nothing 
i am nothing 
let it all go 
all i need is here 
though it is not mine 
this or that to speak, sing, dance, be 
i CHOOSE which way to walk, run, fly, jump
i fall, scream, cry, break my heart, break hearts
i climb up, fall down, climb again, fall again, and then choose 
move the stone, climb over the stone, find another path
i let go
i own nothing 
i am nothing
i choose

this point of connection 
my body touching yours 
give me your weight as i give you mine 
balance and counterbalance and weight sharing 
i let go 
you hold on 
my foot lifts 
yours remains grounded
swing me in a pendulum 
my weight is yours
this body is ours 
gravity, a blessed friend 
this point of connection 
our eyes linked as you pivot around my center of gravity 
wrists strongly interlinked 
i can feel your heart beating through your fingers 

i commit to connection 
but feel like there is not even time to connect with myself 
we are interwoven links of community 
every person i pass by is... a person 
utterly human 
with breath, heartbeat, thoughts, emotions 
and a fluttering something which brings light to eyes and makes each connection colorful, unique, amazing, beautiful
we call it "shen" in chinese 

softly touch me, for i am made of delicate butterfly winds and wings
do not touch me, for i am made of dragon fire and mountain avalanches 
i can destroy you 
i can lift you up 
i can 
i choose
i am 

every single raindrop unique 
every moment different and never to be repeated again 
each breath arising and passing, arising and passing 

all i can think about and feel is mountains, forests, desert, human body, universe
battling with societal and familial expectations 
different colors and pieces of jiling screaming and ripping against each other
pulling and pushing in all directions 
thousands of small atoms and cells birthing and dying, birthing and dying
why can't i let go of this tension in my left hip? 

let go 
let go 
let go