five rhythms: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness
each a single dance, together a circle 
five seasons, including the transitions between the seasons 
a time of great movement and resting 
five elements: water births wood, births fire, births earth, births metal, 
and then back to the source again, around and around 
and it's all connected
each a single dance, and together another circle 
circles within circles and intersecting circles 
chinese traditional dances and movement meditations in circles
western tradition moving in lines and angles 
five tastes, five emotions, five yin organs, six yang organs
correspondences moving and moving in on and on circles 
and i wonder how on earth does an alien who wants to be an earthling again manage to move back into the circle 
how does one summon up bravery to say, YO! i wanna be part of your circle 
and I'M NOT AFRAID to love and live and laugh
and cry so hard that all the neighbors poke their heads out the windows far enough for all the alien (who are not alien) plants and sky and other friends all SEE 
and smile 

been coughing now for a full month 
lungs/ chest area is connected with metal element
and time of autumn transition 
and too much internal fire 
and emotion of sadness 
everytime i see venus in the sky at night 
(she shines so brightly especially in the mountains, but even under the vegas-style nonstop city lights) 
i remember every place and all the people i know and love 
and i feel the love 
but i also feel sad 
it's one thing to say "i don't miss you... i love you know. and i know you know the difference." 
and it's another thing to feel like 
time passes by so quickly 
and i wonder when/ if i will ever see you again