There is NOTHING to be afraid of. 
There is NO risk. 
What's the worst thing that could happen? 
You could die? 
You will die anyways. 
And, most likely, you won't die anytime soon. 
You've got quite a long road ahead of you still, like it or not. 
But, time goes by quickly and it could all end in a millisecond. 
So, what do you CHOOSE to do with your ONE WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE? 
Are your actions in line with your values? 
Are you living the Life of your Dreams? 
If not... then WHY NOT? 
There is NOTHING holding you back. 
There is NOTHING to be afraid of. 
Once you commit to the jump, all the World will rush to hold and support you in preparation of your inevitable landing. 
And, that landing
that commitment 
that risk...
What is Life, if not one huge risk, one huge leap, one huge YES!
And then, another risk, another leap, another YES! 
And then another, and another... 
and sometimes they are leaps, 
and other times, they are just steps.
And every single time, it is a SURRENDER to all the Universe that sometimes whispers and sometimes shouts, 
TRUST me. 
Live the Life of your dreams,
and jump. 
Do not be afraid, for THERE IS NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF. 
Smile at the person sitting next to you on the subway. 
Climb that pretty tree with the inviting branches that you walk by everyday.
Flirt with the cutie you've been secretly staring at from the other side of the room.
Eat the cookies you've been saving for "that special occasion." 
The "special occasion" is NOW. 
Go to all the places you've always dreamed of going to. 
Money is not an issue. It will arrive when needed. 
Catch a bus ride to somewhere you've never been before, and just walk. 
Stick out your thumb, smile, see what happens. 
Dance in the streets. 
Sing songs to strangers. 
Show up in group photos with people you just met. 
Smell all the pretty flowers you pass by. 
Do all things you'd always said, "No, I wouldn't dare," or, "maybe tomorrow," or, "but..." 
If I commit to this flip, this leap, this spin, twirl, twist, full complete action that my body is fully CAPABLE of doing but my mind is AFRAID of doing... 
if I remain afraid, then I will fail. And I will, most miserably, fall. 
But, if I COMMIT to this action, and I TRUST... even in all my not knowing, I TRUST... 
then that trust places everything else in place for successful flight and a strong landing... and flip, leap, spin, twirl, or ANYTHING... yes, I can. Yes, I trust. YES! I dare. 
Our body-mind-heart-spirit selves are just as YES as we allow ourselves to be.