maciej and i sat under the slide in the park, eating fruit, with rain pouring down around us above the slide, and thunder and lightning... and huge smiles on our faces 
we could talk forever 
next time, we dance 

biking back to school, i coughed up a bright yellow solid loogy into my hand 
it's been two weeks 
i can't believe i am still coughing with so much wind in my lungs and loogies galore 

this morning i woke up with a solid dream
my elder bill and i talking, calm and comfortable
he asks me when i will return to see him and another elder, as i am leaving 
i say, maybe between 1-4 years? 
he says, we're dying you know
come back 

i thought about that dream my whole ride down the mountain 
been thinking about death lots lately 

i am grateful for death and life

next time the moon is full again, regardless of weather, i will climb up some high area and howl at the moon 
and laugh with wild abandon at how nicely the cold wind pulls at all the 700 trillion cells dancing in my body