eyes that see

每個禮拜如風而飛過去。 風飛過去, 會留著這兒一片移動的葉子, 那兒幾滴小水珠。 風是控制不了的。 
I spend about half my week in the 平地 areas, and the other half of my week 在此山中。 (half my week easy to find in the city... somewhere zooming around via bike, fast little turbo legs, or subway... teaching or being taught... reading or writing... eating or sleeping... and the other half of my week allowing myself to be "nobody" again and absolutely 沒用的木頭會活得最久 in the midst of so much family and forest in the mountains) 
it is the type of balance that makes the two months I've already been in Taiwan feel like... I've crammed a lot into one week. It feels like one week. 
usually I'm in more remote/ difficult to find/ difficult to understand places. This time, I'm in Taipei,Taiwan. My parents grew up here, and then left for school. This is no longer Home-home... but it's still a home. Coming here is no big deal... just about a 15 hour flight across the Ocean to the other side of the planet, where everyone looks completely different than your usual American white bread, and we all speak a different language here. 
And, I LOVE it!!!
I love it. 
And, I'm gonna see my mama again, after a year! 
Already a year away from America. 
I miss people and I miss places... and I wonder when I will return. 
If I return. 
(live your questions. be your answer.) 
在針灸課, 我們剛剛談到眼。。。 eye-diagnosis (Chinese medicine diagnoses= 1. 把脈/ pulse diagnosis 2. tongue diagnosis 3. eye diagnosis 4. sensory diagnosis: evaluating the patients' smell, how they look, how they sound 5. questioning: asking about the patients' environmental, personal, emotional, and other elements of life that all come together to quite super duper holistically manifest themselves in their health and general well-being)
not as complicated as it sounds, and absolutely fascinating 
learning about eye-diagnosis, I look into the mirror and see that I have accumulated way too many late-nights in my life... and my eyes record all these late nights as far too many blood vessels popped and squeezed to the edges of my entire eyeball
our body as a microcosm of the macrocosm 
my body, my Universe
this Universe, oh how I want to take the best care of you! 
前天晚上, 老師幫我下眼針。。。 我怕針, 我怕痛! 
現在, 要少帶眼鏡, go to sleep between 11-12 at night, eat more C (橘子, 獅子, 柚子, 木瓜, 紅蘿蔔, 白蘿蔔, 番薯。。。)

a fight ensues on the metro
never seen this before 
young woman yelling at old man yelling at young woman
they spit at each other 
why don't you just punch each other, roll around, get it over with 
but, i am glad you are yelling 
i want to yell too, but i will wait until i get back into the mountains 
the city is too small and tight for such passionate energy 
everyone's got it all bottled up 

not me
off for another mountain weekend 
see you in the trees