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Happy November!

As the winter oceanic swell grows, we are baking more, sleeping earlier, and starting to wrap up the year. How are you celebrating and experiencing the changing seasons?

ESALEN 2022 We just returned from our Five Elements of Yoga & Chinese Medicine weeklong retreat at the gorgeous Esalen Institute along the Big Sur coastline. The cliffside hot springs, delicious foods, beautiful community, smiling Milky Way, and deep wisdom from the land, waters, and her people nourished me deeply. I hope you can join us at Esalen, next year!

WANDER & WONDER In one of my favorite Five Elements of Chinese Medicine classes, I shared Wandering & Wondering, a process that roots & nourishes my life, and I hope will inspire you, as well.

Download my Five Elements Wonderings class handout here:


I invite you to:

  • Open. Choose a question (or a couple). Focus on ONE element through the duration of your walk, or explore ALL elements in different sections of your walk.
  • Wander. Bring these questions, your journal, and writing/ drawing tools. Allow yourself to meander without direction through a landscape.
  • Wonder. Hold your question(s) lightly. Dialogue with the landscape of both your external and internal terrains.
  • Sit. Notice a place that calls to you. Silently sit and observe both your external and internal environments. Free-write observations & insights.
  • Thank this place before you continue wandering & wondering through other question(s), or close your journey.

May the gifts and changes of this season nourish you. May you open to wonder in moments both small and large. May you enjoy the loving embrace of your family, community, and our planet. Thank you for your presence on our Earth!


Jiling Lin, L.Ac. ĉž—ċŸşçŽ²

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