Moon + Ritual

How do you align yourself with the Moon
Do you have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly rituals

The darkness of the New Moon provides a spacious opportunity to reflect, vision, and start afresh. Spend some solo time in nature with a journal. Gaze up at the stars. What are my intentions? What am I creating this month? What am I manifesting? What actions am I taking, to create a life that's in line with my intentions, for the highest good? Take a bath. Cleanse. Let go of what didn't work from the previous month, re-calibrate, and move forward with empowered clarity. Write down solid actionable intentions and achievable actions for the month ahead. 

The fat brightness of the pregnant Full Moon inspires lunacy and celebration. Gather with friends and share gratitude, grief and praise. Share journeys and reflections since the last Moon. What has illuminated my path? What illuminates my path ahead? Place water in glass jars in the moonlight for Moon Infusions. Take night hikes under the light of the Moon. Howl. Dance. Revisit intentions from the New Moon, and re-calibrate as necessary for the remaining Moon cycle. 

I draw Moon cycles onto my yearly paper-calendar, and sync a Moon-calendar to my Apple-Calendar. Each year, I draw a Moon table at the back of my journal charting the whole year's Full/ New Moons, where I also chart my own Moon cycles, and track parallels. 

I'm subscribed to Mystic Mamma and WeMoon's mailing lists, where I receive monthly emails about the astrological significance of the New Moon, Full Moon, Solstices, and Equinoxes. They provide insight and inspiration when life gets murky. 

Everyday Lunacy
For both Full and New Moon, I enjoy baths, journaling, candles, and nature-time. I often consult the I-Ching for a "Hexagram of the month," and send my intentions off with incense. 

By realigning with the Moon's natural cycles, we re-attune to our primal animal natures, while engaging our uniquely Human gifts to conceptualize and create via the cerebral yet Heart-centered reflection and visioning process. We have immense power. Use it responsibly. Live to your highest potential, co-creating the most beautiful healthy thriving Earth- community you can. 



I feel Earth's shifting and Moon's changing tides most profoundly when I live close to Earth. Bare feet pattering across raw Earth day and night, season by season, attuned to rhythms of plants, and patterns of change. 

I currently live in downtown Ventura, where we sleep with shades drawn and windows mostly shut, as it's noisy and bright outside. 

Whole different world. 

I still track the Moon, and honor her cycles. It helps me stay grounded yet uplifted.