summer's end

Summer’s end. Life is but a dream. 
Reflections: relations. 
I know you. I know these hands, these eyes. 
I see you. 
We have seen each other through years, months, days. 
Love partners have come and gone, and we keep saying hello and goodbye to each other
And each fresh landscape that we pass through, make love with, 
Make Home 
Pass on 
Hello and goodbye 
Forever and anon 
The falling leaves 
That decay into winter whiteness 
Composting through death
Into the blossoming spring 
Ecstatic summer 
And now, 
Celebratory autumn harvests 

My cabin smells like mold and wetness 
Perpetual rain here in the northeast
I think of California and the desert southwest 
And I crave the dry air, big sky, and towering mountains 
There is a place called Home 
And it lies within 
But I want to create something 

I light candles with you
And we read our fortunes 
Giggling over beautiful tarot images
Asking profound yet profane questions about our love lives 
To ancient spirits spiraling through our fingers and tongues 
As we surrender ourselves 
To the unknown yet known 
It all lies within
And we know the answers already 
Even as we choose the cards
With questions lodged deep in our minds 
We know
Already, we know 
The cards confirm our knowing 
And we smile and nod 
Sipping tea and looking into each others’ eyes across the firelight
Sitting on the piney blanket on the floor of my cabin 
Surrounded by all the beauty that I have created in this small ramshackle cabin 
Cleared of mouse poop and old mold 
This Home of a year 

I enjoy this laughter
The unchained freedom of old friendship and unconditional understanding
Borne of years of knowing each other
Though mostly apart
Yet together
I can tease you, 
Knowing all your shadowy and light bits 
Like the interplay of sunlight filtering through forest leaves 
You are mysterious, complex, beautiful, complete
We hike fast, eyes in wide angle vision to catch every snowy rocky gorgeous nuance of the alpine landscape surrounding us 
Summiting the highest mountain of my childhood 
The mountain I stared at everyday of my childhood 
As far back as I can remember
Watching the snow shifting on the mountain peak 
And now, climbing it 
You who know me 
We laugh at each other 
Practicing yoga in the most beautiful places
Bowing before the old pine next to my cabin 
Bowing before each other
Bowing to the swampy majesty of a summer’s worth of weeds gone wild 
All the bugs singing their final summer love songs to the blue sky 
As it turns grey with rainclouds 
Thunder rolls 
And I jump on the trampoline in the darkness of the night
Watching the flashing lightning 
And laughing as 
Raindrops hit my face 
And I know 
I know that 
This life is but a dream 
Life is too quick to waste time 
Every step I take is meaningful
As meaningful and delightful as I can make it 
I am sculpting my future as beautifully as I can 
While manifesting my dreams
With each conscious step 
Each leap on the trampoline 
Each bow before every trembling grass blade and lightning bolt 
As all the mossy knolls we barefoot boogie upon 
Is simultaneously crushed by our weight
As we disperse their seedy spores
Back into the glowing soil
Of infinite

Looking into your eyes
Your gnarled old hands holding mine
I cry 
I don’t want you to see my tears
To know my fear 
My sadness at parting ways 
Not knowing when I will return again 
Life could end for you soon 
You are old 
Life could end for me soon 
I am young, but life is unpredictable 
Our eyes are interlocked 
Our lives, intertwined 
I cry 
Tears of joy, sadness, 

I watch you as you walk away 
And you watch me as well 
Our eyes catch one final time 
See you in dream time 

In dreams, you are the wise one
You are the elder
You are the trickster 
The lover 
The adventurer 
You who come in many forms 
You mirror my Self 
I wake, embracing the memory of your Being in my Dream 
Then realizing I am just embracing 
My Self 

I step out the door
Surrendering my senses to sweet summery flower perfumes 
I stand, stunned
I have watched this landscape 
From death to life, 
And now slowly transitioning back to death once more 
At the height of abundance, 
Fruit falling from trees, 
Goldenrod taller than me, 
This is summer’s end 
And death is around the corner 

Compass pointing north
Self reflected in the Sky
Am I going next? 

I feel 
Heartbeat rhymatics 
Slow dancing 
Waltzing with wind 
Bare feet gripping forest floor leaves
Swooping down into low balances 
Body arcing with tree limbs
Arms following eyes 
As I follow the treeline
The dancing squirrel 
As he darts about, gathering nuts 
Wave-like spine, undulating 
We pull and twist each other 
Laughing as I fall, rolling back to standing
Leaping and diving through the air 
You surprise me 
Tossing me out just far enough 
That I loop back 
Like a planet within the sun’s orbit
Our hips bump into each other 
Bone against bone, 
Muscles contracting and releasing 
Music carrying energies higher and further
I close my eyes and can see the lines of connection, lines of motion, lines of music 
The same line that the squirrel invisibly darts through the forest 
The same invisible line that connects us across the ocean and through the center of the world 
Taiwan, India, USA… 
All these little intersecting lines 
I open my arms, 
Billow out my chest, 
Release my heart,
Surrender my feet,
Raise my head, 
Extend my spine, 
Look up,
Eyes wide open,
And smile at the Sky, 
Feet firmly grounded into Earth, 
Mountain pose
I bow