Resource List from this Blog

Herbal Medicine-Making Class Handouts 
Water menstrua (teas, infusions, decoctions) 
Sweet menstrua (honeys, glycerites, syrups)
Alcohol menstrua (tinctures)
Oil menstrua (Oil infusions, Salves)

Other Herbal Info 

Chinese Medicine Charts (in process)
- Channel Odes (to help remember acu-point names)
- Acu-Point Names (list of pt name translations)
- Plant Families comparison chart (betw CM/ Western herbs)
- Five Phases (an introduction)

Interesting Stories
- Apprenticing with 7song (NY, 2013)
- Standing Rock herbal adventures (ND, 2016)
- Rainbow Gathering herbal adventures (UT, 2013)
- Journal entries from studying CM at AFEA (FL, 2015)
- Year 1 of CM studies at NUNM (OR, 2016)
- CSCH springbreak herbal adventures (NM, 2014)


Botany Resources

- Jepson's manual online, with key
- Cal-flora (a great cross-reference)

Desert Southwest
- Seinet flora
- Medicinal plants map (from Michael Moore)

New England
- GoBotany e-flora

Pacific Northwest 
- Burke museum e-flora

Plant List
Tree List

- N. American Vascular Flora
- Tropicos
- (regularly updated new botanical terminology)
- USDA site

Plant Photos
- NY Botanical Garden virtual herbarium
Plant Family Photos from Thomas Elpel

- Gymnosperm database

Botany Education
Botany in a Day, with Marc Williams

Other USA e-floras
- Alabama
- Florida
- New York
- North Carolina
- Tennessee


Western Herbal Resources 

7song (NY. My teacher)
Michael Moore (AZ. My teacher's teacher) 
- jim mcdonald (MI)

Herbal Blogs
A collection of herbal blogs (from Rosalee de la Foret)
Ananda Wilson (MA) 
- Kiva Rose (NM) (Sign up for her Plant Healer newsletter)

Buying Herbs
Mountain Rose Herbs (They help fund people and projects that I care about, with reasonable prices, sustainable sourcing, and quality products.) 

Herbal Info: Further Resources
Herbal Books (list from Rosalee de la Foret)
Online Resources (an epic list from jim mcdonald)
Article Index (another jim mcdonald list)
Resources for Kids (book-list from Kristine Brown)
List of USA Herb Gatherings (often updated, by Mason Hutchinson)
American Botanical Council HerbalGram archives
Grieve's Modern Herbal
Dr Duke's Phytochemical/ Ethnobotanical Database (mostly a phyto-chem list)


Chinese Medicine Resources

General CM resources
- Yin Yang House (general CM info, presented accessibly)
- Institute for Traditional Medicine (from S. Dharmananda)
- Classical CM (from H. Fruehauf- some free, some for-fee info)

CM Herbs
- Sacred Lotus
- Rootdown
CM Herbs database (by Peter Borten)
- Timothy Ross' blog (for beautiful photos and hands-on descriptions)
- CM herbs image database 


Street Medic Resources/ Zines
- Rosehip Medic Collective (my training)
- Indy Media
- Infoshop
- Zine Library
- Tangled Wilderness


Personal Photos
Giraud (Sierras, CA)
My Wrist
My Face: A week of healing (2006)