Chinese Medicine Resources

General CM
Yin Yang House (accessible CM info)
Institute for Traditional Medicine (S. Dharmananda)
American Dragon (Joel Penner)
Classical CM (H. Fruehauf- some free, some for-fee info)

CM Herbs
Sacred Lotus
CM Herbs database (Peter Borten)
Timothy Ross' blog (beautiful photos)
CM herbs image database 


Resources from this Blog

Herbal Medicine-Making Class Handouts
Water menstrua (teas, infusions, decoctions) 
Sweet menstrua (honeys, glycerites, syrups)
Alcohol menstrua (tinctures)
Oil menstrua (Oil infusions, Salves)

Other Herbal Info 

Chinese Medicine Charts (in process)
- Channel Odes (to help remember acu-point names)
- Acu-Point Names (list of pt name translations)
- Plant Families comparison chart (betw CM/ Western herbs)
- Five Phases (an introduction)

Herbal Adventures
- Apprenticing with 7song (NY, 2013)
- Standing Rock herbal adventures (ND, 2016)
- Rainbow Gathering herbal adventures (UT, 2013)
- Journal entries from studying CM at AFEA (FL, 2015)
- Year 1 of CM studies at NUNM (OR, 2016)
- CSCH springbreak herbal adventures (NM, 2014)


Botany Resources

- Jepson's manual online, with key
- Cal-flora (a great cross-reference)

Desert Southwest
- Seinet flora
- Medicinal plants map (from Michael Moore)

New England
- GoBotany e-flora

Pacific Northwest 
Burke museum e-flora

Plant List
Tree List

N. American Vascular Flora
Tropicos (regularly updated new botanical terminology)
USDA site

Plant Photos
NY Botanical Garden virtual herbarium
Plant Family Photos from Thomas Elpel

Gymnosperm database

Botany Education
Botany in a Day, with Marc Williams

Other USA e-floras
New York
North Carolina


Western Herbal Resources

7song (NY. My teacher)
Michael Moore (AZ. My teacher's teacher) 
jim mcdonald (MI)

Herbal Blogs
A collection of herbal blogs (Rosalee de la Foret)
Ananda Wilson (MA) 
- Kiva Rose (NM) (Sign up for her Plant Healer newsletter)

Buying Herbs

Other Herbal Resources
Herbal Books (Rosalee de la Foret)
Online Resources (jim mcdonald)
Article Index (jim mcdonald)
Resources for Kids (Kristine Brown)
List of USA Herb Gatherings (Mason Hutchinson)
American Botanical Council HerbalGram archives
Grieve's Modern Herbal
Dr Duke's Phytochemical/ Ethnobotanical Database (mostly phyto-chem)


Street Medic Resources
- Rosehip Medic Collective


Yoga Journal: pose guide
Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha book