Acu-Point Names


There's seemingly infinite possible translations for acu-point names. I compiled my favorites, cross-referencing between Deadman (standard points' reference), Ellis/ Wiseman (the only point names' book, "Grasping the Wind"), Cleaver (my teacher), and Worsley (my teacher's teacher). Deadman is functional but sometimes lacks poetry, Ellis/ Wiseman have great organization and explanations in their book (might be my favorite), Cleaver has a wonderful standardized system of translation for commonly used terms in acu-names (super useful) and includes clinical insights (but is sometimes overly literal), and Worsley is beautifully poetic but sometimes inaccurate (he didn't read Chinese). I share this with you, hoping that you add your own favorite translations, to further my own education, and elucidate our collective understanding.

Understanding point names allows access to deeper layers of meaning that may yield surprising insights, leading to further diversified, enlivened, and enriched clinical tools. My favorite translations acknowledge the poetic, clinical, historical, anatomical, and all other elements inherent in the Chinese (original) name, while being succinct, precise, and elegant.