Project ME 2016


I moved from Connecticut to Portland, OR at the beginning of this year, to begin my four year journey through Chinese medicine graduate studies at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM). It's been a challenging year, living in darkness, sitting indoors too much, and struggling with schoolwork. It still feels worth it, though I'm considering transferring to a cheaper school in a warmer climate. I'm still learning and growing a lot, in this dance between school life and personal well-being.

I've been photographing myself everyday for the past eleven years with “ProjectME” (My Evolution). This year, I only made self-portraits for half of the year, due to the darkness, lack of inspiration, and re-prioritization of time. Who knows? I might evolve right out of it. But, I hope not. It offers an incredible sequence of images for me to reflect on at the end of the year, while reminding me of my roots as a photographer and artist, no matter where plant medicine, and now Chinese med school, takes me. So, in 2017, I re-commit to this project, and my creative passions and curiosities, regardless of darkness or busy-ness. Thanks for joining me on my 2016 journey.

Outside of school, other highlights of this year include backpacking around the Oregonian Cascades, teaching at the Women’s Herbal Conference in WI and the Beloved Festival in OR, hot-springs dipping, festival-hopping, dancing at the “Plenty” contact improv jam, river-tracing in the Gorge, wild-crafting during the green season, dancing with large stones in rivers and the Ocean, volunteering as an herbalist at Standing Rock, beginning my Interplay Leader’s training, and falling in love with water even more. I’m getting more settled, and grateful to live, since March, in the beautiful hills above school, in my peaceful and sacred little squirrel nest loft and apothecary/ kitchen, right next to Forest Park. I’m slowly falling in love with the Pacific Northwest rainforest and her plants, fungi, and creatures, especially Owls and Oplopanax. The local hot springs and volcanic mountains also have my heart, especially Wy’East (aka. Mt Hood), the great Mountain that watches over our dark wet city of great hope, enduring challenge, and small pockets of incredible community.

2017 is my second of four years of grad school in OR. I'll teach at the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference again in WI in early June, then return to China and Taiwan for the rest of summer. Besides completing my Interplay Leader's training in WA in between classes, other 2017 travels include CA, NM, and hopefully CT/ NY/ MA. It's a non-stop year of both studying and teaching, with a few open weeks in early September and late December for rest, projects, and more travels.

May this coming new year bring you the inner peace to hear your Heart-song, and the courage, strength, passion, perseverance, and inner fire to bring all of your greatest hopes and dreams shining brilliantly into this world, blessing all of our lives, and communities.

Much love, gratitude, and magic, 

A retrospective: