In 2013, I committed to one thing: the study of botanical medicine. Do one thing, and do it well. Dig a hole deep, not wide. Allow that hole to be your portal to the Universe. Through one thing, connect with all things. This has been my journey of 2013, and now continuing into 2014, and the rest of my life: 


with Plants, with Earth
with Self, Community, and Spirit. 

May you enjoy this photo-diary, a daily ritual of photographing/ observing myself, assembled into contact sheets, and a video here: 

I started this project in December 2005. Thank you to all the people who have touched, and continue to touch, my life! Blessings on all your intentions and projects for 2014, this brand new year of the horse! Gallop away, with steady reins, bright laughter, and a gentle yet powerful wind to guide you! 


我二零零六年十二月開始天天給自己拍照一張大頭照。 以下是2013年天天拍的自拍。 我今年專心的在森林裡創自己的世界,陪老師學藥草療愈,和深入的去了解人體,自然世界,和靈體的關係和技巧。 感恩我生活中所有的老師,朋友,和學生們。祝福大家馬年快樂, 事事如意!
敬, 基玲