We are rotating our hips and opening up the core center of our bodies. Teacher says to move from this core. I remember Kider say for Feldenkrais workshop, they say to move from spine, like led by spine. Different ways of movement. Lead by core, or lead by spine... posture like a little invisible rope from the sky holding me up, suspending my body in the air. Held up by sky, held down by gravity, suspended right in the middle, both floated and grounding. And this is how our dance and our movement has power.
In tai chi (I haven't gone to my regular morning practice for about a week now. Had small cold last week. This week, am dancing instead. I miss my morning tai chi people... and wonder how I can fit EVERYTHING into my schedule... and, I cannot. And, it's more than perfectly fine.) So, in tai chi... also, in all my dance classes: weight transfer from one side to another, then some body part leading the movement, and rest of body following. Effortless and graceful, and relaxing as well. In my Wednesday dance classes with Teacher Wu, we will learn to fly... he says his classes are designed to OPEN OPEN OPEN us up in all the ways we've always kept ourselves closed... and we will become weightless, and fly. Oooooh... and then in jazz class, our movements are "knife cutting tofu": sharp and precise. Modern dance is a combination of gentle opening and ripping openings. When I brush my teeth, gentle force of horse stance: feet apart shoulder width, weight down, knees slightly bent right over feet... and then pelvic circling and opening opening opening...