on beauty and magic

i want to create something so beautiful, magical, and long lasting that will live longer than i (mere precious body) ever will
i have arisen! i am awake!
i want to birth something so beautiful the world has never seen
be more than rainbow with all my colors and more than toned in all my shades
i want to be indefinable, unnamable, unwordable because all the creation is so immense
so extradinarily amazing that nothing can even near describe its magnificence
i want to be a poet, an artist, a woman creator extradordinaire birthing beauties previously unimagined, sculpting landscapes out of sand particles unseen, unheard, unnamed
i paint the sky purple when eyes closed fly me away
and fingers point and burst with flames on one, water from another hand, another finger, another endless potential
cupped hands together, forming energy ball of potential, swirling
i just want to make something beautiful
but i'm not sure where to start
and so i open my eyes and begin
this dream