Sauerkraut Recipe

Fun, easy, delicious, and improves gut microflora health. Eat it, and feel your gut microbiota dancing. Make it, customize it with wild edibles, feast, and then feel them dancing even more joyously. Enjoy! 

1.       Chop/ grate cabbage finely into a large bowl. (You can add anything… onions, garlic, turmeric, various wild roots, etc.)
2.       Massage salt into the cabbage, adding 1 T salt at a time. Add 2 T of salt per head of cabbage. This will release the cabbage juices. Keep massaging it to break down the cell walls, until there seems to be enough liquid released to cover all the solids.
3.       Stuff it all into a clean glass jar. Submerge it under its' own juices, with a stone or glass jar to push down the plant matter below the juices. 
4.       Cover with cloth, and let sit for a week or so. 
5.       Enjoy!