Fruit Enzymes: a recipe

Fruit enzymes: a healthy fermented drink
(Recipe from my dad) 

(Ingredients listed in parts- adapt accordingly) 

Brown sugar 1 (or evaporated cane sugar) 
Fruit 3 (cut into small pieces- inc skin and etc. Can let soak in kombucha or other fermented liquids for half an hour first ) 
Water 10

- Blenderize water and sugar for 2-3 minutes, then add fruit. Seal it. It will bubble. Shake it and open the container daily, to release gas. The fruits will start off floating, then sink to the bottom after some time. 
- After the fruits fall to the bottom, blenderize the entire thing with more sugar (1/2 part). Seal up the batch again. Let sit in sun, and shake daily. Let sit for about 1/2 month. 
- After 1/2 month, blenderize again. Seal again. (This process can be repeated as often as wished) 
- Can drink after at least 3 months, but best at 6 months. (After 3 months, you can add more fruit if you wish). 

- Sip as desired daily, (suggested 1 tablespoon three times a day, but depends on the person) to aid digestion, immune response, circulation, and more. Nothing proved or supported by the FDA, but if you want stories or more suggestions on how to use it, ask me--- and I'll direct you towards my dad. Enjoy! It's a long process to make it, but it tastes and feels delicious.