Colorado, next

Dear family and friends, (中文在底下!)

New moon blessings!
Most of the leaves have fallen, except for the golden beech leaves and evergreen needles that will hang on all winter. How does the landscape look where you are, now? 

I leave Ithaca, NY (home for almost a year) in mid-December. Living here, I've found a good balance between learning, working, and playing... and feel embraced by (and also in love with) the community of people and nature around me. I feel so blessed here. And it is time to go. 

I'm moving to Boulder, CO to attend the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism from January until June 2014, for their advanced herbalism program.

If you have Boulder connections, then please let me know. I'm looking for housing, a fulfilling part-time job, and like-minded/ like-hearted community there. 

I am also open to study/work/play suggestions driving between California and Colorado, and after Colorado too. 

Thanks for your input, regarding my previous email about massage and/or graduate school. I am still considering those possibilities. But first, more herbs! It's exciting to bring more focus into my life, studies, and work. Besides my herbal studies, I continue teaching yoga (challenging and fulfilling), and cultivating improvisational dance/song (my favorites). I hope to weave nature education back into my life again as well. And, I remain open to possibility, giving space for all the small birds to sing. 

Happy holidays! May your belly-oven be stoked with yummy nourishing foods, and your heart warm and full of daily blessings that radiate in all directions, bringing you light in this season of surrender and transition/ transformation. I wish you good health in all ways, always. Let me know if you have any herbal/ yoga-related questions-curiosities-insights (practice time!). Thanks for the inspiration and reflection that you bring to my life, you bright beautiful star!

Loving blessings, 

秋天葉子都差不多掉光了。只剩冬天的白天空, 天天送下來飄飄的雨, 有時毛毛的小冰塊。 快要下雪了。
你們那兒, 現在開起來怎麼樣? 冬天到了沒? 什麼樣的景象? 
我在十二月中要離開這個紐約州森林家, 回加州拜訪爸媽兩個禮拜。
2014年一開始, 就要搬到Colorado州去另一個學校, Colorado藥草學院。 我打算在Colorado上課從一月到六月。 之後, 再說! 我還在考錄研究所或是學按摩, 但一步一步, 慢慢來!
祝你心想事成, 溫馨夢醒!:) 

Jiling . 林基玲