In the month of May, I made a video everyday. I did this to learn more about making videos, sharing videos online, and getting comfortable in front of the video camera. I shared my daily videos for a week, then switched to sharing videos once a week, due to lack of Internet access, and slow Internet uploading capacities. You can view my videos here:

I hope you enjoy! Please let me know your thoughts. Personally, I like the later videos much better than the first few. The later videos have some nice nature documentary-style footage, and humorous moments. I find my first few videos a bit too serious, and trying too hard to do well. I am delighted to find videography a powerful tool for capturing motion and emotion in different ways than photography. It is very convenient. I especially enjoy videotaping slow moving things, such as flowers in wind, tadpoles in water, newt on land, and then speeding them up and setting them to suitable music. I will continue to periodically post videos to share some beautiful bits of nature that I find around me (I recently videotaped a web full of baby spiders, dancing). 

Thanks for reading and watching! :)