mt baldy

today was a beautiful day in mountains with my old friend piggy/ tommy. we've known each other almost 20 years now! 

i am proud to say that today, i initiated piggy in a few important life events ;) 
- piggy's 2nd time encountering snow! 
- highest mountain he has ever climbed in his life! 
- and longest hike of his life! mt baldy is the tallest mountain in los angeles county. we hiked almost 10 miles with 4000 feet of elevation gain, to a mountain over 10,000 above sea level. the best part was, it was spontaneous :) we didn't decide to hike up until after eating lunch in a tree overlooking the trail. then we just kept walking up. "wouldn't it be funny if we actually ended up walking to the top?" we joked with each other when we started our post-lunch stroll. well, we kept walking, and made it up the mountain! i kept saying "gorgeous... beautiful.... magical..." all day long, and those three words describe this hike and the majestic landscape quite perfectly. i feel super grateful for old friends, old mountains, and this gift of life