high school

today i visited my high school again and saw my art teachers (favorite teachers) mr bibeau and mr burgan. they have known me for over 10 years now, and continue to inspire my life more deeply each time i see them. (i visit every few years or so... whenever i return to my hometown). life experience provides greater perspective and appreciation. in two years, bibeau is finally retiring after a lifetime of teaching art. burgan makes music on the side, and both strive to balance students as human beings, teach life skills as well as art techniques, and both say, "i LOVE teaching." outside of teaching, both have rich personal lives, and an amazing collection of life stories and diverse perspectives. open minds like the bright blue sky, opening young minds! thanks for positively changing my life as a teenager, and continue to do so, as an adult! my lifestyle is very different than most college graduates, and these teachers continue to applaud and encourage me on my unique path. all i can say is THANK YOU and you INSPIRE me, too. :)