drop us down deeper
to the next level 
and deeper still 
into murky depths
of perfect splendour 
waiting for too long 
this burst of 

heart cracked open 
tears flow through 
opening in surrender 
constant change 
courting infinite unknown
your majesty 
yes please 

sunlight glinting off block style buildings
endless rows of solemn surprises 
grim faces masking hurt children, dancing elves 
we are more than this 
we are just 

dreamcatcher floating 
empty dreams caught 
full dreams woven
magic spun 

hands healing 
wrists strong, getting stronger 
head up, spine aligned 
bend when i must
surrender as i choose 
dancing in 

breath deep, body aware 
spine tingling, mouth open 
eyes opening and closing
heart steady beating 
this drum 
carries us