my body breathing 
each heartbeat beat thump pull drawing me 
deep deep dark deeper into my
dream of a shadowy landscape 
owl chasing bat 
flying at me 
i birdcall out a warning 
so they don't fly into me 
i saw where i need to go 
a brief flash of knowing before all went dark 
i hold onto that sense of knowing 
body filled with sensations of the dampness of earth
smells of rich soil and fermenting leaves 
moonlight in my heart
guiding me 
stillness and echoes 
stardust and ashes 
i know where i am going 

wrist- healing slow yet fast 
just right 
teaching again on saturday 
vocal opening/ improvisation 
and spirited yoga 

sunset now, moon in front, sun in back, blue sky transitioning, birdsong and car echoes a blanket over my sticky skin, sweating all day from slow dancing to my breath and inner shifu, drums roaring in my chest, no escape 

welcome to the now of all pain, balance, joy, love, bliss, anger, chaos, still sweetness