thrissur, india

Photo from a month ago, with some of my teacher Babuji's family in Thrissur, south India... people will often ask, "Aren't you scared?" regarding my travels. But... you must realize that this world is full of beautiful people. There are much more beautiful people than horrible people. If you project out a feeling of fear, then you will draw those few horrible people towards you. If you exude joy and love, then you shall draw that towards you as well. And also, you are born gifted with all the intuitive powers of an animal of the Earth, like any other, but coupled with a mind. Silence the mind, tune into intuition... and if your powers of attraction don't draw amazing people towards you, then your powers of intuition will help you know the difference between the "yes" and the "no" people.

May you say "yes" with passion, and "no" with conviction.
May you attract great beauty to yourself!