taiwan taroko river crossing

i literally met this guy in the river: both the photographer, and the man in photo. these photos are from many months ago, during my taiwan taroko trip, my birthday wilderness solo in january. i am still in india right now- just wanted to share these photos, as i can't upload any india photos yet! 

story of me with man in the water- this powerful river has some sweet rapids... that could rush you downriver really easily and turn you into delicious river pancake, around the next river bend. many rains at that time (the night before actually) rose the river up to past waist level (thus my sexy pants). crossing the river, at a deep part of river (though still walkable) with crazy rapids, i didn't know how to cross. at that moment, seemingly out of nowhere, man in photo shows up- he is a local village elder who knows all the best routes thru the river. he helped me across. on my way back across the river coming downstream, he magically showed up again and helped me cross once more- i just feel like this story is metaphor: when we really need the help, beautiful grandfather and grandmother turtles and all kinds of brothers and sisters will just show up. help just shows up when we need it- and when we ask for help. 

blessings on your journeys, my brothers and sisters. may you ask for help, and receive guidance, as your need arises 
love, jiling