traditional candles

clay or metal cups 
they are small and fit comfortably into my hand 
fill with coconut or any other oil
put a cotton wick the length of my pinky into cup, letting it rise up a little above the oil 
thickness of wick is 5-strands
wet the top of wick sticking out with fingers 
sing a song to give thanks
light the wick 
have a comfortable flame for a nice long while 
keep singing 

this is south indian traditional "candle"
much better than wax! 
i will make many clay cups when i make a home again 
to put fire into 

i put these photos up thinking that my friends justin, bill, kari, joy, tamarack, and other traditional-ways pottery-loving friends would appreciate... and put the simple effective skill to immediate use!

in temples here they use metal instead of clay to hold the candles... have many indentations into a clay or metal plate, for the wicks to hang out. one cup or bowl or plate can hold many wicks and much oil to sustain it all... a beautiful powerful light. great for rituals, romantic dinners, and effective night-lighting.