Four forest days

... this year during my wilderness fast, I slept in a hammock under a
mosquito net under a tarp. it rained most of the time, thus the
hammock (lets the rain run under). I hung all my stuff up along my
hammock rope. First 2 days sabae sabae (relaxation) and good sleep,
and then final two days... hooooo, spine pain! Now, I still love
hammocks... but am super grateful to lie flat against Mama Earth's
body and sleep with a straight spine again. Thai tarps are not so
good. This forest smells and feels and everything amazing... but
aren't all forests amazing? :) I love the forest. My family name means
forest. Am honored to be part of all this in all ways, always. More
stories on this... but in person, or phone, skype. See you soon. Love