meat factory

just because all is silent
doesnt not mean that nothing has been said
hands that touch and eyes that see
don't always connect
how can i truly touch you
if you cover yourself with such a blanket
i can see the blanket
this waltz we dance
you step on the same toes over and over again

just because all is silent
does not mean that all the thousand little songbirds
will not sing
and spread their songs of truth
over the dead mess of silence
that grey coats the rainbow people

rainbow landscape shuttered in grey
yet all is not dead

feet getting trampled on over and over
some get to wear thick leather boots
some get to wear nothing at all
bruised soles, bruised souls

all the eyes that peer through the dead carcasses can still see
they see in different forms
all the screams muffled out in the countryside
where presumably no one hears
the red lanterns that light the path of the (un)dead

a ladder raises itself up to heaven
a big knife awaits up there

all the little birds are crying
you wonder why they keep making that sound

all the winds know

and all the prayers lie also (un)dead