guava 巴拉

my life is taiwan guava. big and not quite round. little spots here and there and bumps and dips made graceful by especially the little pithy points of contact where flesh meets flesh meets flesh at the very dip drop bottom all the little hairs of so many detail. and then up to tip top of where stem (snip cut where has it) gone from stem branch trunk root tree to bear fruit fruit of (yes) guava. my life. green and sort of hard on the outside, a soft mystery on the inside. a sweetness so very sweet so very very sweet penetrating deep into tongue deep into heart deep into depths of nostrils and green vision and feeling into (woah) central center. being? seeds. so many hard rock rock seeds (all full of potential. unbroken, unrooted, seeds of potential.) they hurt the teeth. but the hardest part contains also the softest mystery and the sweetest flesh and
maybe it's worth it
to bite into the center also. but with discernment discernment discernment and care and attention to all the little details of where touch against nontouch of hard soft yellow color against soft hard white color colors all mix mashing together when crunched but when purely observed a simple explainable (yes) yes yes of just this: my life is taiwan guava. hard on the outside, soft on the inside, a mixed center of soft and hard... the sweetest of sweets surrounding the hard little seeds of unspoken hidden mysterious beautiful potential
i wonder