sage. chaparral. desert. fire. water. wind. earth. wind. wind. wind. thumbs. love. lust. hurt. pain. growth. sadness. anger. joy. beauty. wonder. exploration. discovery. rootedness. breath. movement. dance. song. opening. closing. colorado. walls. contact improv. guerilla camping. shadows. light. elders. trees. roots. sunshine. moonlight. starlight. deer ears. owl eyes. raccoon paws. dog nose. two coyotes. connecticut. arizona. daniel. justin. california. vision quest. ma. ba. sister. red tent. lovelovelove. falling. terror. unknown. darkness. prison. cars. hatred. artemisia. goddess. truth. integrity. grit. dirt. dust. soil. permaculture. yoga. luz elena. bear. lezley. drum. tamarack. lety. connection. interconnection. weaving tapestries. open bowls. overflowing baskets. empty bowls. sporks. japhy. books. wigwams. tarps. shelter. fire. water. food. medicinal plants. sit spot. waterfalls. plant ally. cronewort. plaintain. dandelion. cedar. moonstone. bloodstone. medicine pouch. charcoal. camoflage. surprises. screaming. children. innocent beauty. wonder. fascination. joy. glowing. heart opening. great hollow. eldora. glendora. buffalo. crows. earth crow. raven. coyote. squirrel. evi. heartbreak. heartsongs. improvisation. spontaneity. intuition. running. flying. soar. sneak. whispers. singing bowls. piano. goodbyes. hellos. deep roots. invisible roots. tears. laughter. kamana. wintercount. anasazi. giraud. luz elena. tim. doug. dave. ananda. bikes. freedom. questions. confusion. knowing. wisdom. wise woman. strength. deep love. red. yellow. blue. green. white. black. balance. spirals. circles. lovelovevolvelove...

another day

shining sun
dripping snow 
sinew stretches
blue sky blue 
itchy wool 
warming tea 
deep dark crow eyes 
set me free 
yellow skin 
red face 
jumping heart
bumping breath
i'm more than this 
more than that 
not the wind 
nor the rock 
shingled wigwams
bluster snow
blistering sunshine
icy peaks
cradling rivers 
searing heat
tumbling waterfalls
dancing trees
rooted soil
grounded rocks
rumbling mountains
roaring deserts
lullaby forests
frothing oceans
more and more and more 
and then


from Great Hollow...

a story from this summer:

The weather forecast said it would rain, but not yet... and the skies were gray and dark. A perfect day for a little run, and then a story. I run my students up into a little clearing, playing getting-to-know-plants games along the way. We stop under a shelter. I encourage my students to stretch while I share a story about a bird who finds her heartsong and inspires the other birds and then the sun rises... and as the sun rose in the story, a huge CLANG! of thunder splits the still gray day, and the sky breaks open with rain. Knowing we need to get back to camp, because of the lightning danger, I ask everyone to put on their ponchos, tighten up their backpacks, and off we go again. Running along the top of the trail, huge lightning bolts dance along the mountain top, frightening us. "Hey!" I call out over the rain, "Let's stop for a second." A couple of the kids are scared by the thunder and lightning, crying. I get everyone to crouch down, and I look into each child's eyes. "This is a thunderstorm, and there's rain, and thunder, and lightning... and I know it may seem scary, but you're fine. This is how you stay safe." And I instruct everyone how to walk far apart from each other, stay in a line, watch out for the person in front of them, etc. We continue our run, now singing a rain chant, to keep spirits up. By the time we get down the trail, the rain and lightning have petered out. We straggle to a bridge, panting for breath. We lie down. We open our mouths. And the rain rains on in...


tsong yio bing

(Chinese chive flatbread)

... I learned this from my mom, and shared it for the first time last night at the first New Haven Skillshare!

6.5 cups flour
3 cups water
pinch salt
1.5 tablespoon yeast

...mix all together and let rise, then knead
- i usually just approximate how much flour, etc i use. based on how much i want to make

a couple handfuls of chives
enough oil to cover the chives
a couple pinches of salt, to taste. just a little bit too salty is perfect

... mix all together, and let sit and soak for a few minutes (while you knead bread)

---bring it all together---
- use rolling pin to flatten the ball of dough into a big flat pancake-pizza lookin thing
- rub the chive mix all over the surface of the circle
- roll it up, like rolling up a map
- if it's a very long roll, then cut it into smaller pieces
- if it's a small roll, then spiral it into itself
- carefully smush it down flat. gently rolling pin roll it again to flatten as much as possible. careful not to squeeze out the chive mixture
... that's it! this can sit in refrigerator for a while...

heat pan with very low heat
put oil on pan
heat oil
put uncooked tsong yio bing on pan to slowly cook
when it changes color, flip it
keep flipping as long as you like
... then feast on traditional chinese chive bread! yuuum

magical bread

(from Justin)

1.5 table spoon yeast (tiny life, amazing really)
1.5 table spoon  salt (yum)
3 cups water (ancient rain water prefered)
Add these together and stir until dissolved. (use a stick with bark on)
6.5 cups flour (not flowers)

Mix together with spoon or hand if you like to get dirty ;)

Then add the most important part. . .Love.  All you have to do is just shine on it.
The most simple and the most important of all the ingredients.  I see it in you, it just flows from your chest and your smile and fingertips.

Let rise for 2 hours in room, store in refrige until ready to bake.  Cover to keep from drying out

When ready to bake sprinkle flour on dough pull up a grape fruit sized clump and cut off.

Make gluten cloak by stretching the "skin" of the dough to the bottom.  (At this point it looks kind of like a boob :) slaps like a butt too!

Place on cutting board (good god NOT plastic)  but first lay down some corn meal or flour so it won't stick

And let it rise (magical really)  after 20 minutes cut lightly into the top.  I make a cross but you can be creative.

Put into oven onto baking or pizza stone, have the oven preheated to 450.  Add one cup of water to a tray below the bread.  Close oven door.  Don't try to cook on metal surface. . .wet dough will stick to it

Wait 30 minutes before checking.  This part can be difficult if you are hungry!

Take the bread out and place on tray.  (at this point you can put your ear up to the bread and it will sing little crackle songs.)

Oh yeah TURN OFF THE OVEN ;) or the house will burn down and the bread will be burnt.